When you’re driving to and from work as part of your commute, it’s easy to forget some of the basics when it comes to road safety and etiquette. This is especially true if you’ve been driving for years. However, it’s important to always have a refresher on the basics of being behind the wheel. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common driving mistakes people make when on the road and how you can do your part in preventing them. Hopefully, there is something on this list that will help both new and experienced drivers alike!

1. Speeding

Arguably one of the most common driving mistakes, flooring it may be tempting to speed things up when you’re running late. However, going over the speed limit is never a good idea and is against the law. Speeding is one of the top causes of car accidents and a great way to land yourself a pricey ticket. When you speed, you are eliminating your capability to come to a sudden stop, which can end up causing serious harm.

These dangers are amplified during bad weather or when it is dark out. It is crucial to make sure you are always obeying the speed limit in order to avoid collisions. If you feel like you are running late, plan to let people know you are running behind so you can take your time and arrive at your destination safely. If you find this happens often, plan ahead by leaving the house earlier.

2. Lack of turn signals

The more comfortable we get behind the wheel of our vehicle, the more susceptible we are to making common driving mistakes without thinking. One error that tends to occur when people are too comfortable is turning without the use of your turn signal. Using your turn signal correctly is important when it comes to letting other drivers on the road know your next move so that they can accommodate you. Sudden turns or lane switches can throw other drivers off, potentially leading to a collision. Even if there is nobody behind you, it is important to still use your turn signal so that you are always practicing the habit!

3. Not paying attention

Nowadays, it’s no question the average person spends a little too much time on their smartphone. However, one place you must avoid being on your phone is while you are behind the wheel of a car. The act of texting while driving is illegal in Ontario, but still a big issue with drivers today. It’s a big contributor when it comes to car accidents. However, your smartphone isn’t the only distraction that can arise behind the wheel of a car. Distractions, such as eating, applying makeup, or simply looking out the window at the view, can result in an accident due to not paying attention. Remember, it is crucial to always have your eyes on the road to avoid the potential for accidents!

4. Driving while tired

Doing anything on minimal sleep is a challenge, and driving is no exception! Though it may not seem like a driving mistake to some, driving with fatigue is a major contributor to the cause of many accidents. Most people get up very early to start their day and head to work, many of whom get behind the wheel still half asleep. Fortunately, this mistake is one of the most preventable. By heading to bed earlier the night prior or waiting until you are more awake before getting behind the wheel, there’s a lot one can do to make sure they are more rested before driving.

5. Driving too slowly

This one is quite the opposite of the first driving mistake on our list, however, it’s not a problem to be ignored! People who drive too slowly are usually unaware they are doing so. But when you are travelling significantly below the speed limit, you are slowing down the traffic around you. When this happens, it increases the chances of people performing dangerous maneuvers, such as passing people and tailgating. These actions are dangerous and can eventually lead to collisions. It’s never a good idea to disrupt the flow of traffic!

The good news is that all these common driving mistakes can easily be avoided. By taking extra precautions behind the wheel of your car, you can ensure the safety of yourself and those around you by obeying traffic rules. Combined with the proper auto insurance coverage from isure, getting behind the wheel of your car never has to be a stressful situation. As Ontario’s leading car insurance broker, we provide quality coverage with convenient, personalized service. Get your quote today!

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