When you are driving, distractions are everywhere. Your can receive a text message, check your GPS, or be tempted to eat a snack or drink some coffee. While you may not think it’s a big deal to take your eyes off the road for a second, this is considered distracted driving. The penalties for distracted driving in Ontario can leave you with a heavy fine, or worse, in a severe accident. Let’s take a deeper look.


In simple terms, distracted driving is whenever you take your eyes off the road. This can be turning your head to talk to a passenger or looking out the driver window to see if you missed a turn. It can also be an interaction with your phone, GPS or digging through a take-out bag for food. No matter what you are doing, if it takes your attention away from driving, it is distracted driving.

The easiest way to avoid a distraction is to simply keep your eyes on the road. Even if you think you are safe to look at a text, you may not see traffic stopping or another car trying to merge into your lane. If you have to, keep your phone out of reach in the backseat so there’s no temptation to look at it on your drive.


If you are pulled over for distracted driving in Ontario, you can face a fine of up to $6,000 and receive up to six demerit points, depending on the severity of the act.

Here is the breakdown of fines that you may receive if you get one or more DD tickets:

First offense

$615 to $1,000 fine.

Second offense

A $615 fine with a seven-day driver’s license suspension and six demerit points. If you fight the fine in court and lose, the fine can go up to $2,000.

Third offense

You can receive a $615 ticket with a 30-day driver’s license suspension and six demerit points. If you fight the fine in court and lose, the fine can go up to $3,000.

When driving without a full G or M license and you get pulled over for distracted driving, the fines and suspension penalties can be harsher.

If you get into an accident because of a distraction, you can receive charges of dangerous or careless driving. These charges have their own set of penalties that are usually harsher than the distracted driving penalties. You can also be liable for any damages or medical expenses for yourself and the other parties involved.


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