One of the best ways to enjoy the summer weather is to go to a drive-in movie. This activity has been a summer staple for decades now and for good reason too! However, before hitting the road, there are some things you can do to make your car drive-in ready. We break down 10 ways to make your drive-in experience the best it can be this summer.

What drive-ins are there in Ontario?

Although many believe that drive-ins are a thing of the past, there are many still open across the province. Below are some well-known locations:

  • The Mustang Drive-In — London, Ontario
  • 5 Drive-in Movie Theater — Oakville, Ontario
  • Starlite Drive-In — Grand Bend, Ontario
  • Sunset Barrie Drive-In — Shanty Bay, Ontario
  • Stardust Drive-In — Sharon, Ontario
  • Port Hope Drive-In — Cobourg, Ontario

Visit this website for more drive-in information regarding hours and locations.

1. Have the right materials

One of the most important parts of preparing for a drive-in is to ensure you have the right materials. These materials can include a portable radio, comfy chairs, blankets, and bug spray. You’ll be sitting outside for at least a couple of hours, so bring whatever will make you feel the most comfortable. 

2. Ensure your air conditioning is working

Another important way to get your car drive-in ready is to have working air conditioning. This is especially true if you’ll be sitting inside your car during the movie. Test out the air conditioning before your film starts. If it’s not working, take it to a mechanic to get it fixed before heading out to your movie endeavor. Nobody will enjoy the movie if you’re baking away in the hot summer heat!

3. Top up on gas before heading to the drive-in

Most drive-in movie theatres are in rural areas, so there’s a good chance you’ll have to drive a bit to get there. It’s important to top up on your gas before you leave so you have more than enough fuel for before, during, and after the movie. It is also important to keep in mind that you may have to keep your car on for the duration of the movie if you have an older model. This is so you can use the radio!

4. Test your brakes

Similar to the last tip, you often have to drive a bit to get to a drive-in movie. Check your brakes to make sure they are fit for a long journey, along with being in working condition once you get to the movie. You may need to spend time in traffic either before or after the movie. Having functioning brakes is the biggest key to ensuring you navigate these transitions safely. 

5. Check your tires

It’s also important that your tires are in good shape when going to a drive-in. Ensure they’re at the right pressure, and visit a mechanic if you have any questions or concerns. Your tires must function properly before any lengthy trip.

6. Charge your battery

Make sure to check your car’s battery before heading to a drive-in. If it needs to be changed, take it to a mechanic sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be stuck with a dead car battery after the event is over, or have it die on you mid-movie.

7. Research the best routes to your drive-in

To avoid unnecessary traffic, we recommend researching the best routes to get to the drive-in of your choice. Using apps, like Waze, will give you real-time updates on the quickest routes to take. 

8. Have a first-aid kit handy

Although the venue will likely have resources like first-aid available, it’s best to have one in your car at all times. Why? In the case of minor injuries, such as needing a band-aid or extra gauze. This will ensure everyone can still enjoy the movie with peace of mind.

9. Maximize your car’s interior space

Depending on how many people are coming to the drive-in, maximize your car’s interior accordingly. Whether it’s putting the back seats down to create a space to lie down, or reclining the seats in the front, there are lots of ways to make your car comfortable. If you have a larger vehicle, such as a pickup truck, SUV, or minivan, opt for that vehicle over a sedan or two-seater. It’s a roomier choice in the back, and you can cozy it up with extra blankets and pillows. Alternatively, if you have a convertible for a one-on-one date, even better!

10. Don’t forget the drive-in snacks!

If you want to save money on snacks at the drive-in, bring some from home. Whether it’s popcorn, candy, or chocolate, everyone will have their favourite treats to enjoy during the movie.

We hope this article helps with some tips on how to make your car drive-in ready for the summer! As always, be sure to have adequate auto insurance coverage before any road trip. Contact isure or request a quote today!

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