The time of the year has come yet again when we make a promise to ourselves to change something once the new year hits. New year, new me, right? Some of us plan to lose that extra holiday weight while some of us want to learn a whole new language. The reality is that while we commit to this goal for the first month or so of the year, most people eventually fall off. By the year’s end, we are full of regret and disappointment. When the next year hits, we repeat the process. Unfortunately, this is the reality for all too many. However, it’s not that we can’t do it, it’s that our New Year’s resolutions are generally unrealistic or unattainable. Instead, set yourself up for success with these reasonable resolutions you can commit to! Small changes are the stepping-stone for major success, so let’s get to it.

1. Drink more water

One of the easiest New Year’s resolutions we can commit to is drinking more water. If not for the overall health benefit, your body will absolutely thank you. The reality is, we already crave it and it helps our bodies repair themselves and stay nourished. Giving up soda or cutting back on alcohol can be difficult, but use water as a substitute to these things. It’s much easier to begin doing something than it is to quit it. The more water you drink, the less soda/alcohol you can consume! A good way to keep track is by buying yourself a water bottle that is at least 8 ounces to keep at your desk. Then, challenge yourself to refill it at least eight times a day! 

2. Move more

Rather than simply trying to lose weight, focus on incorporating something healthier into your life. In this case, adding some more walking to your daily routine can be a huge change with drastic results. It can be as simple as walking to get a coffee from a further location or going around the block from time to time. If you want to go above and beyond, set aside a few days a week to walk to and from work! Of course, this only applies if your workplace is within walking distance. The average person should aim to walk between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day. You may be surprised by the changes you see in your body when walking becomes a part of your daily routine. 

3. Read more books

Thanks to the world of Netflix, cell phones, and video games, the average person reads far less than we once did. However, reading does far more for the brain than screen time EVER will. Even if you only commit to reading 12 books a year (one per month), that’s 12 books you may not have read otherwise. Access to reading is a lot easier than it used to be! With eBooks, such as Kindles, on the market, you don’t even need to step foot into a library or bookstore. To add to the fun, you can even start a book club with some friends. Or you can create a Good Reads account to keep track of books you’ve read and discuss them with other avid readers on the internet. By taking up reading, you may just find a new passion that helps you to escape the daily routine of life. Give it a shot and see! 

4. Set a financial goal

Let’s face it, we can all benefit from saving a little bit more money than we usually do. We must think about those small things! If you have some extra change lying around, put it into a jar for savings. Check with your isure broker to see if you can save money on your premiums. Instead of ordering takeout, throw a cheap meal together and immediately transfer the takeout money into your savings. At the end of the year, you’ll be shocked by how much you can save when you put your mind to it! 

5. Share your successes 

As humans, we tend to hoard our successes instead of celebrating them! Perhaps it’s because we interpret it as boasting or bragging, but the reality is, that our successes should be congratulated. Your friends and family want to know and see that you are doing well. So, showing them your hard work is paying off should inspire their efforts. It is a domino effect of positivity. At the same time, when someone shares good news, celebrate in their achievements, as well. The world can use more happiness and success, and it starts with us. 

6. Cook something new

Do you find your roster of meals is becoming a bit too stale? A good New Year’s resolution is to put on your chef’s hat and test your skills in the kitchen. There are many great websites, such as Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate that can supply you with affordable meal kits. Instead of ordering takeout, try preparing whatever you were going to order at home! It will help you expand your repertoire and become a better cook, as well as save you money. That’s two New Year’s resolutions with one stone! To put yourself to the test, host more dinner parties and share your recipes with your friends. After all, there is nothing quite like having a nice home-cooked meal with the ones you love. 

7. Get your beauty sleep

Do you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Do you stay up just a bit too late binge-watching Netflix? Having a bit too much coffee during the day? Getting yourself into the habit of a good sleep schedule is key to your long-term mental and physical health. On top of this, try going to bed at the same time every evening and waking up at the same time. This will get your body used to a consistent schedule, which results in you feeling more refreshed in the morning.

8. Get outside of your comfort zone

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can seem daunting. However, it makes for a perfect New Year’s resolution; one that we all can benefit greatly from! When you step out of your comfort zone, you allow your body to grow while discovering your sense of self. This leads to more confidence, productivity and creativity. A good start to stepping out of your comfort zone is by doing something you’ve always wanted to do, but have been nervous to try. Is skydiving something you’ve wanted to attempt, but haven’t gotten around to? How about braving the notorious EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower? By taking part in these life-changing moments you’ve always dreamt of, you allow yourself to create memories to last a lifetime!

With this being said, stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t have to always be a death-defying stunt. You can also live out your Eat Pray Love fantasy and book that solo trip you always wanted to go on. Or learn a new language and see how far you’ve come when the next New Year comes around. You can also reach out to that old friend you lost touch with and have been meaning to reconnect with.

9. Drink less alcohol

Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you consume is a terrific way to enter the New Year. This can seem daunting to those who consume alcohol, but by cutting back, you do your body a world of favours. Reducing the amount you drink can benefit you both mentally and physically. Even if you aren’t an extremely heavy drinker, you will allow yourself to sleep better and feel less sluggish throughout the following day, resulting in more energy. Your body (and wallet) will thank you, and you may even see the number on the scale drop!

10. Start a journal

It may seem silly to some, but starting a journal can be an excellent New Year’s resolution! Not only is it easy, but it’s also super beneficial. Journals are a great way of assisting yourself in achieving your own goals and reducing stress and anxiety. All while improving your writing and communication skills! It is also an excellent method of staying on top of your day-to-day routine. If a journal isn’t for you, a day planner is also a great method of keeping yourself on track with your goals and daily life.

These little New Year’s resolutions may not seem like much, but combine a few of them and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. With this said, there is no better time than the new year to make sure your insurance is up to date. Are you in the market for a new provider? If so, why not check out isure? We have some of the best prices when it comes to premiums as well as customer service that is always there when you need it. Contact us or request a quote today! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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