As the weather continues to warm up in Ontario, now is the perfect time to ensure your driveway is in great shape. Between the long and sunny days, relatively dry weather, and increased nighttime temperatures, this time of year is great for a little home maintenance. In this article, we breakdown five tips for maintaining your driveway this spring and summer.

1. Fill in any cracks on your driveway

You can easily fill in any cracks that may have developed in your driveway during the winter. Simply use a crack filler and patching compound to achieve a clear, crack-free driveway. A level and smooth driveway is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but safer for pedestrians and cars. It’s also important to fill any holes or cracks as soon as possible, to avoid any further damage.

2. Learn how to prevent holes 

There are lots of reasons why holes and cracks appear in your driveway, whether it’s the inclement Canadian winters or shrub and tree roots forming underneath the asphalt. One way to prevent holes from appearing altogether is having any shrub or tree roots trimmed away if they are too close to your driveway, or if possible, having them removed. It’s also important to seal the asphalt every few years along with sealing it annually. This prevention will help avoid the unfortunate case of water cracking, penetrating or freezing the asphalt due to rain or snow. 

3. Protect the edges of your driveway

The edges of your driveway are very fragile, and the excessive weight of large cars and trucks can cause them to chip. After all, driveways are actually not built for heavy trucks and cars. Ensure any construction vehicles park in the centre of your driveway if they are working. Make sure your own car is also in the centre or in the garage. 

4. Use a sealant

Even if you’ve covered up any cracks or holes in your driveway, it can take a while for them to seal up completely. An effective sealant will help hide any divots. Sealing the asphalt will help protect it for a long time. Check out this sealant from Home Depot!

5. Remove any stains

If you notice any stains, such as oil leaking from your car, it’s important to remove them right away. A sealant will help protect the concrete for the most part, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Further staining or discolouration can occur if a stain remains untreated, so keep an eye out and catch stains quickly.

We hope this article helps you understand the importance of maintaining your driveway. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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