One of the most exciting and important moments in life is passing and obtaining your G1 licence for the very first time. Your driver’s licence offers a sense of freedom, control and responsibility that cannot be matched. You may have some questions about the licensing process in Ontario, so we’ve got what you need to know about getting your G1 licence below.

Is getting your G1 licence difficult?

The first step to getting your licence can be hard, depending on how much time and effort you put into preparing. If you read through the MTO handbook and have a good understanding of the content, you’ll do well.

Where can I take the written test?

You can write your G1 knowledge exam at any DriveTest location in Ontario during normal business hours. Some locations are even open on Saturday!

Is there a G1 road test?

No. You do not need to pass a road test to get your G1 drivers licence, however, the G2 road test is also known as the ‘G1 exit test’.

What happens if my G1 expires?

You cannot renew a G1 licence. If it expires, you will need have to retake the vision and knowledge exam to obtain your G1 licence once again.

How do you study for this written test?

The best way to study for your G1 is to read the drivers handbook. Once you have a good grasp of the road rules and traffic signs, there are online practice tests you can take to test your knowledge. Although they are not the exact same as the test you will have, they give you a good idea of what to expect.

What is the G1 exit test?

This is not the G1 written test. This is the G2 road test you take as the second class of obtaining your licence. You are eligible to take this assessment once you’ve had your G1 for one year (or eight months if you’ve done driver training).

Can you take the G1 test online?

No, at this time you need to go into a DriveTest location to take your G1 test in-person. Online tests are not an option!

Where can I find a G1 test centre near me?

Visit the DriveTest website to find a location closest to you. You can also Google “DriveTest” to find the nearest office.

Where can I get the G1 handbook?

The G1 exam book is available from a variety of sources, including:

How do I book my test?

For your written test, you do not need to make an appointment ahead of time. However, you should arrive early and allow enough time to complete the exam. You may have to wait in line to take it, depending on how long the line is. You’ll also have to do an eye test, provide proof of identification and pay the necessary fees.

How much is the G1 test?

The test will cost you $159.75. The cost of the Class G1 licence is already within this package. To obtain your G2, you must pay a fee that includes your written exam and in-car driving assessment.

What do I bring to the G1 test?

Make sure you have valid identification with you before going out to take your exam:

  • Proof of identification: Valid birth certificate, passport, proof of citizenship, or permanent/temporary immigration documents are all acceptable forms of identity. All documents must have your signature and must be originals, not copies.
  • Fee for payment: You can pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Glasses or contacts: Bring your prescription glasses or contact lenses with you since you have a requirement to complete an eye test.

What happens if you are caught driving alone with a G1 licence?

If a G1 driver is caught driving alone, they can face a $110 ticket and 30-day suspension of their licence. As a G1 driver, you also have time restrictions on your licence. G1 drivers can’t drive between the hours of 12 AM and 5 AM.

Do I need to have car insurance when I write my G1 test?

Although it is not mandatory for G1 drivers to have their own insurance policy, all vehicles must always have adequate insurance coverage. Only individuals with a full G licence can insure a vehicle, which means that a G1 driver will need to have an individual with a full G licence to insure their vehicle for them to be able to drive it. It’s important to contact your auto insurance company to ensure that the G1 driver has insurance. This is especially important as the G1 driver continues to advance in their driving licence qualifications.

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