Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event of a motorcycle accident, loss, theft or damage. In this post, we gathered the answers to some of the most common two-wheeled queries. We hope this motorcycle insurance Q&A helps to make the right choices concerning coverage.

Do I need motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Ontario if you’re using your bike off private property. This will be the case for most, if not all, riders.

Which two-wheel vehicles need motorcycle coverage in Ontario?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada mandates that all motorcycles, mopeds, motor-scooters and motor-assisted bicycles must have insurance coverage,=. That is, unless you only drive them exclusively on private property.

How much does motorcycle coverage cost in Ontario?

The cost of motorcycle insurance in Ontario can range from $1,500 to $3,500, on average. An M1 rider living in downtown Toronto will pay nearly $3,800 in premiums, however, with an M2 license, that insurance can be cut in half.

Do I need a motorcycle licence to get insurance?

Yes, you require a licence to obtain insurance.

Do I need insurance for my scooter or moped?

Insurance for any scooter, whether it’s a Vespa or Honda, requires motorcycle insurance. However, it is much cheaper than traditional motorcycle insurance.

Do I need insurance for an E-bike?

No, there is no requirement for E-bike riders to get insurance. However, it is a good idea to get coverage for damage to your electric bike, as well as third-party liability and personal injury coverage.

Can I get seasonal motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

Most motorcycle insurance policies in Ontario are already adjusted for seasonal use. This is because insurers won’t expect you to ride your bike during the winter months. If you want to cancel your policy early, be aware that you may not get a refund. Additionally, gaps in coverage can lead to higher rates in the future.

Can I bundle my insurance with other policies?

Yes, most motorcycle insurance companies offer several bundle options to allow for greater savings. Firstly, there are multi-vehicle policies that allow you to bundle your car and motorcycle together for a discount. Also, owning more than one bike can translate to more savings by bundling them together. Next, bundling home and motorcycle insurance is also possible – just ensure that your home insurance provider offers motorcycle coverage. If not, ask your isure broker if your motorcycle insurance company also offers home insurance. Finally, if you bundle your car insurance on top of your motorcycle and home policies, you can qualify for even cheaper motorcycle insurance.

Can I cancel my insurance in the winter?

It is not recommended to cancel your policy in the winter. Motorcycle premiums are based on the riding season. It’s also important to make sure it has protection while it’s stored over the winter months.

If I own a restricted-speed motorcycle, am I still required to have insurance?

Yes, you are still required to have motorcycle insurance. Restricted speed motorcycles and mopeds have the same insurance and license requirements as a standard motorcycle in Ontario.

If I customize my motorcycle, will my after-market add-ons be covered by my insurance policy?

Yes. According to, if you customize your motorcycle, your provider can offer you coverage for aftermarket parts and accessories. You can also purchase additional coverage if your existing policy limits are too low for your upgrades. Here are the aftermarket parts and accessories that are typically covered by insurers:

  • Sidecars and trailers
  • Custom paint
  • Helmets
  • Saddlebags/on-bike storage
  • Exhausts/muffler modifications
  • Custom lighting
  • Windshields
  • Hand/foot controls
  • Other items not sold by the manufacturer

Can I drive my off-road motorcycle on the road without insurance?

In Ontario, you cannot drive an off-road motorcycle on the road without having motorcycle insurance. You must have at least standard coverage and an M2 license to drive an off-road motorcycle on the road.

How do I file a motorcycle claim?

The process for filing a motorcycle insurance claim is similar to filing a car insurance claim. For a complete run-down of the claims process, click here.

Can my motorcycle coverage cover a moped or a scooter?

Trying to think of ways to save some money on gas for short trips around town? If you are thinking about purchasing a moped or scooter, those will need coverage, as well. Mopeds and scooters, whether electric- or gasoline-powered, can be insured on a motorcycle policy. All the same discounts and options apply, too.

Will traffic tickets I received when driving my car impact my motorcycle premium?

Yes, all traffic tickets on your driver’s licence record are considered when determining your insurance premium.

I have a car as well as a motorcycle. Do I need separate insurance for each vehicle?

Yes, each vehicle must have its own liability policy to legally operate on the road.

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