One of the greatest things we can do for the planet is make it better each day. Whether that’s biking instead of taking a car, or planting a tree in the backyard. Our small actions combine to create a difference. Some simple tasks that can help green your home can also save you tons of money. Yes, some simple home greening initiatives can not only improve your quality of life – but result in saving money! Today, we’re running through some of the best ways to green your home!

Green Your Home by Insulating Your Hot Water Heater

A simple hot water heater blanket can be a huge boon to your wallet. These insulating blankets wrap around a hot water tank and provide significant R-value improvements. Typically costing the range of $50, they can lower your hot water heating costs by up to 20%! Generally, hot water tank insulating blankets pay for themselves rather quickly!

Green Your Home by Getting a Smart Thermostat

One of the most modern ways to add a little green to your home is with a smart thermostat. These thermostats enable you to program them on schedules. They also allow for GPS tracking and remote access meaning when you leave home for work, it turns down the temperature automatically. You can also control them from anywhere you are ensuring your heating and cooling costs go down.

Green Your Home by Using Your Curtains

Most people only use their curtains for privacy or to dim the light. That’s only getting about half of the value of your curtains. Using curtains in the summer to block out light actually keeps a significant amount of heat out. That, in turn, lowers the cost of cooling.

Green Your Home by Changing Lightbulbs

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs (with a plan on replacing them when they die), you’re losing value. In truth, LED bulbs have dropped in price, last for decades and cost a fraction to power. As a small side impact, LEDs also don’t put out heat like incandescent do. So go ahead and change your bulbs!

Green Your Home by Using Smart Strips

Did you know that anything you have plugged in almost always draws a ‘phantom load’? Basically, what that means is every coffee maker, lamp, and TV that’s turned off is still pulling up to 10% of its electrical load. That’s a huge waste of money! Instead, invest in smart strips, a kind of big brother to the power bar. They shut down an outlet after detecting that it hasn’t been turned on in a while and power up immediately when you need it.

Green Your Home by Capturing Rain Water

Stop watering your lawn and flower with water from your taps. Instead, invest in a rain capture barrel that you install on downspouts. Then use this to grow plants and grass. Rain is ideal water for plants as it contains some minerals and debris that helps plants grow. Saving you significantly on your water bills.

Green Your Home by Planting a Garden

Not only can growing a garden produce fruits and vegetables you can eat, but they help the world thrive. Bees in particular benefit from home gardens. Different plants also help provide nutrients to your soil which on a whole makes it richer.

Green Your Home by Using a Clothesline

During at least 7 months a year, you can be using the sun and wind to dry your clothing. All you need is a little patience and a clothesline. Dryers need a significant amount of energy, which costs you a lot. As an added bonus, your clothing will smell ‘summer time fresh’ without the need for dryer sheets!

Green Your Home by Getting a Dual Flush Toilet

Another cost effective way to cut your water bills is to install a new dual flush toilet. These toilets use less water than most people’s current models. Not only does their full flushes use less water, but the second ‘small’ flush option is more water effective.

Green Your Home by Looking into Green Programs

The government and hydro companies, have green initiatives to help reduce your energy needs. These programs come in, do tests and provide free products or cash to invest in upgrades. For example, if you have an older fridge you could get credit to buy a new one. Or if your home needs new windows, they could offer a rebate. Then, there’s always the option of solar roofing – installed free, and paid off over time. Look into them as they can save you (or give you back) a lot of cash!

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