The funniest insurance claims we’ve ever heard of are ones that are almost too unbelievable to be true. But the reality is they are 100% verified claims that companies around the world have had to look at. While insurance claims often deal with serious, life-changing events today, we want to share the lighter side. While the future is untold, these are the funniest insurance claims that HAVE occurred.

The Funniest Insurance Claims

Teeth Overboard
One elderly man submitted a claim after having taken a vacation on a cruise ship. During one particularly wavy day, he was struck with a bout of sea sickness. As he went outside to get some air, the sickness hit him hard and he offloaded his stomach into the ocean below. While engaging in his upchuck, his dentures went along with it. He submitted a travel insurance claim for lost baggage.

Les Vaches Qui Rit
A couple had been vacationing in the south of France. Their travels took them driving through picturesque landscapes, vineyards and farms. One afternoon, they came upon several cows on the road. As they drove up, more cows came over the hill and surrounded the car as they made their way to the next field. Patiently they waited for the cows to clear before proceeding. On arriving at their destination they looked at their car which had missing paint. Their claim indicated that the cows had licked it off.

I Spy a Christmas Tree
One evening in December, a driver was heading home from the mall after a successful Christmas shopping trip. As she got into the main road, she immediately noticed a driver in the opposing lane. He had a Christmas tree strapped to the roof of car – very loosely. Within seconds of noticing, the tree took flight right into her car. The shock sent her vehicle right into a nearby hedge. She was uninjured, and the car’s front end only experienced minor damage. The driver never returned for his tree and in hindsight, even the woman agreed it was one of the funniest insurance claims she’s ever made.

Phone a Cake
A mother was baking her daughter a cake for her birthday. Being a mother is certainly one of the most time-consuming jobs, and as such, she was somewhat distracted. At some point during the process of mixing the batter to adding it to the cake pan, something happened. After she baked it, iced it and decorated it, she sat down to check her phone. Unfortunately, her phone was nowhere to be found. As she cut into the cake she found her missing phone. It also no longer worked. She made a claim for the phone on her home insurance, but was denied.

Snow Way
If you were planning a ski trip, the Swiss Alps is surely a top destination. That opinion was shared by a British woman who was planning an upcoming trip to Switzerland. As part of her trip preparations, she purchased a brand new set of skis. She left the UK, flew to Switzerland and went to her ski resort. On arrival, she found that the ski hills were closed as it was the warm season and thus, no snow. She submitted a claim for the cost of her skis.

If nothing else, all of these cases prove the need for comprehensive insurance. Whether you’re looking for auto insurance, travel insurance, small business insurance or home insurance, get in touch with isure for a quote . You never know when you may just need to make your own hilarious claim.

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