Do you ever watch movies and think to yourself, “I wonder how much their insurance cost for that?” Alright, perhaps you focus on the actual entertainment. That being said, when you look at it from a different perspective, you realize just how ridiculous it might be! Today, we bring you into the world of insurance entertainment by taking a look at some great holiday movies and theorized all the different ways that we HOPE they had good insurance!

Home Alone

It was every kid’s nightmare and fantasy. Turning your home into a booby trap mansion that would slow down, injure and help capture a would-be thief! Right off the top, we hope that everyone in the neighbourhood had great home insurance. When Marv and Harry popped in, not only did they rob them, but they often left the water running to flood the basements.

Second, the McCallister’s hopefully have great extended coverage on their home. While all those traps were orchestrated to stop the thieves, they could have caused serious harm to innocent people. In fact, there have been stories of robbers suing the homeowners for injuries! Third, the vacationing McCallister’s could have used some travel insurance! It would have helped them get back home to Kevin a lot sooner by enabling some extra resources.


Oh Buddy, he just wanted to be with his real family! For starters, as a business, there are some major concerns regarding Buddy’s total disregard for safety. When he learned about drinking maple syrup in the mailroom of the office, the result could have been VERY bad. Even the suction-based mail tube system could have injured him. Had Buddy been more litigious, he could sue the company. When Miles Finch lunged from his chair and attacked him for calling him an “elf,” it opened the company to a potential lawsuit. Having great commercial insurance would definitely help the company in all these events.

Back at the family home, the excitable elf man could have been responsible for significant damages to the home. Jumping from the couch to the tree could have resulted in bodily harm or even a potential fire!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Every year there are claims made as a result of slip and falls on property, but falling off of a roof is a terrifying prospect. However, if you have home insurance, this is typically covered by most home insurance policies! That said, what might be a bit more difficult to deal with would be the flammable sewage situation. There’s a liability problem that might take some time to figure out!

As the Griswolds head out on their trip, we hope the vehicles involved had some great auto insurance coverage! The road warrior highway racing scene was problematic enough! Ending up underneath the truck was also an endangering nightmare that could have resulted in a collision or multiple fatalities. The resulting crash into the snow bank would definitely affect his rates (we don’t recommend trying this at home!) With the number of incidents that occur on this trip, Clark would most likely be a high-risk driver for some time. Fortunately, isure offers insurance for that too!

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