Do you ever watch holiday movies and think to yourself, “I wonder how much their insurance cost for that?” Alright, perhaps you only focus on the actual entertainment. That being said, when you look at it from a different perspective, you realize just how ridiculous it might be! Today, isure brings you into the a world where insurance and entertainment collide. Below, we list our favourite holiday movies and point out all the different ways that we hope they had good insurance! 

1. Home Alone 

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One of the most classic holiday movies of our time is also, in reality, an insurance nightmare! It was every kid’s fantasy to turn their home into a booby trap mansion. To start, we really hope everyone in the neighbourhood has great home insurance. When first introduced to Marv and Harry, they are not only robbing houses, but often leaving the water running to flood the basements as a signature. Secondly, we hope the McCallister’s had proper extended coverage on their home after all of the damage inflicted by Kevin.

Although all those traps were orchestrated to stop thieves, they could have caused deathly harm to the robbers. In fact, there have been multiple stories of robbers suing homeowners for injuries! Most of these events could have been prevented if the McCallister’s had some travel and trip cancellation insurance! It would have helped them get back home to Kevin a lot sooner by enabling some extra resources. 

2. Elf 

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We all remember Buddy the Elf and how badly he wants to be reunited with his family for the holidays! As lovable as he is, however, there are some major concerns when it comes to Buddy’s total disregard for safety. When Buddy drinks the special ‘maple syrup’ in the mailroom at the office, the results could have been a lot worse. Even the suction-based mail tube system may have caused injury to himself or others while on the job. Had he been more litigious, the company could have undergone a lawsuit. On top of this, when Miles Finch lunged at Buddy from his chair and attacked him for calling him an “elf,” it opened the company up to a potential lawsuit. In this instance, the company would have needed to invoke their commercial insurance policy. 

Back at the house is another story. Buddy may have been responsible for significant damages to the home when decorating or by being himself. Jumping from the couch to the tree could have resulted in bodily harm or a potential fire! And let’s not get started on his lack of street smarts and hazardous behaviour to drivers.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 

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Every year there are claims made because of people slipping and falling, but falling off of a roof while hanging Christmas lights is a terrifying prospect. However, if you have the proper coverage, injuries are typically covered 

As the Griswold family heads out on their annual Christmas vacation, we hope the vehicles in the film had the right auto insurance coverage! The road warrior highway racing scene was quite problematic in itself. The scene of the vehicle ending up underneath the truck is also a dangerous situation which could have resulted in multiple collisions or fatalities. On top of this, the resulting crash into the snowbank would definitely affect his insurance rates! With so many incidents happening during the Griswold’s trip, Clark would most likely be a high-risk driver for some time. Luckily, isure offers insurance options for high-risk drivers! 

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) - IMDb

Though this film takes place in the fictional town of “Whoville,” we still can’t help but hope the residents have good coverage! We all know the Grinch had the plan to take Christmas down. But we bet you didn’t think about just how much damage he causes during his evening of wickedness. To begin, the families of Whoville would have their hands full with incidents to claim.

Not only is the Grinch responsible for numerous thefts and break-ins within households, but also numerous accounts of property damage! And who can forget the burning of the city’s Christmas tree? This is also the case for multiple businesses that the Grinc hit around Whoville, especially when he crashes the mini car that leads to an explosion. To end it off, we hope the Grinch himself has some sleigh insurance, as he doesn’t seem to be the most careful when flying! 

5. The Santa Clause 

The Santa Clause (1994)

At first sight, you may not think there are many incidents that take place in this film. What can be wrong with it? Scott Calvin goes out of his way to save Christmas by becoming Santa Claus. However, upon closer inspection, there are quite a handful of situations where insurance comes to mind! At the beginning of the film, Scott burns the turkey, resulting in him having to use a fire extinguisher on it. If not noticeable at first, this situation could have escalated into a full-blown house fire. Luckily, a proper home insurance policy covers any damages this tiny fire could have made.

As we progress into the film, Scott scares the previous Santa into falling off his roof. Although this is ‘trespassing’, it’s another case where Santa could have sued the Calvin’s for injury. We see Scott Calvin turn into Santa Claus and get into all types of dangerous situations where insurance would be crucial! From walking into a ladder and jumping across roofs to even taking a shovel to the face, we hope Scott had coverage!

Though the situations in these holiday movies are all fictional, it gives you a good outlook as to why the proper home insurance coverage is so important!  Request a quote with isure today.

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