When you make a home insurance claim, it’s important to know it’s not a blank slate. There are a few occasions where you could find your home insurance claim declined. While most claims get approved, every now and then claims do get rejected. It’s why it is so crucial to know your policy, what it covers and what it does not. Now, let’s presume you’ve read your policy and worried about your claim. Here are the reasons why your home insurance claim could be declined.

You Run a Home-Based Business

One thing some fail to know is that home insurance does not cover your home-based business. To be covered, you would need a home-based business insurance policy. You can get a quote on that insurance here. Failing to have proper business insurance is not a good idea. If someone got hurt while conducting business with you, your claim would be declined. If you’re conducting business from home, you need to get proper insurance.

You Hit Your Coverage Limit

One of the most common reasons a home insurance claim gets declined is due to coverage limits. What this means is that you have a limit on how much you can claim, and your claim is more than the limit. To give you an example, let’s say you had $4000 in coverage for tech items in your home. If $6000 worth of tech is destroyed, that would leave a shortfall of $2000. As such, it would be declined as you don’t have adequate coverage.

The Home Insurance Claim is a Result of Negligence

You could have your home insurance claim declined if it’s a result of your negligence. A good example of this is a leaky roof. If one day you find that your roof is dripping, you need to address it immediately. If, instead, you let it go and ignore it – the problem will only get worse. Months or years down the road, the roof caves in and damages much of your property. Because you failed to address the issue when it came up, your negligence led to the damage. As such, your insurance claim might be declined.

False Information on Your Insurance Application

The minute you put in a home insurance claim, an insurer is going to look at your history. They will take a detailed look at every aspect of your application, and compare it to today. If an insurer finds any aspect of your application to be untrue, your claim could be declined. It’s crucial that when you apply for home insurance that you are completely honest. Small errors can lead to big problems.

An Expired Home Insurance Policy

One sure reason that your home insurance claim was declined is if your policy expired. If you’re not careful and renew a policy, you could be in this terrible position. There have been instances where days after a policy expired, a homeowner experienced damage. They went to submit a claim, only to find their policy had expired. Generally, it’s avoidable as insurers inform you about the policy renewal in advance. Yet, it still happens if you ignore them or are away.

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