As we enter the “Sundays of Summer”, the second half of August, this is one of the most common vacation periods. Whether it’s a trip to a cottage in a different province, or a road trip – August is always a great travel month. But it’s also important to prepare for the unknown. While there is no ‘road trip travel insurance’, policies exist to help protect you and your family. These policies are either necessary by law or are optional depending on where you’re going. So, before you hit the road, read up on these road trip travel insurance options!

Road Trip Travel Insurance: Your Car

Car insurance is mandatory in Ontario. Fortunately, your Ontario car insurance covers you across Canada and even into the United States. That means wherever you decide to drive, your personal car is under your current policy. Of course, the coverage you have is the coverage you pay for. So, don’t expect comprehensive coverage if you’re road tripping into the US when you only pay for collision.

Road Trip Travel Insurance: Medical Coverage

If you’re planning a road trip out of province, consider getting travel insurance. Most people consider travel insurance when going out of country, but provincial health plans cover less than you think! If you are injured in a different province, your coverage is minimal for ambulance, dental and medical transportation home. In Quebec, you may need to pay for your treatment up front (and reimbursed later). If you have a small travel insurance policy, you will have coverage for these expenses. Check right now how affordable travel insurance can be!

Road Trip Travel Insurance: RV Insurance

One-way people love to road trip is with an RV. When you’re traveling with an RV, if it is its own vehicle then you would need to have an RV insurance policy. Like a car, an RV is just a different form of motor vehicle. But, if your RV is the trailer kind, you should check with your insurer. Depending on how you’ve set it up, your RV may be covered by either your home or car policy. The best way to know for sure if your RV is on your insurance policy for a road trip is to ask the insurer!

Road Trip Travel Insurance: Rental Cars

Renting a car for your road trip can be a great way to save on wear and tear on your personal vehicle. The question everyone wonders: should you get the insurance? Generally, it’s a good idea to get it to be safe. While your credit card may have some type of coverage, it’s usually not enough if you run into trouble. You should also consider getting road trip travel insurance if you are heading out of the province or country.

Road Trip Travel Insurance: Cancellation

One major benefit of paying for a travel insurance policy while going on a road trip is protection from cancellations. While often associated with flights, a cancellation can happen anytime and anywhere. When you pay for something in advance, and then a road is closed or weather shuts something down, you often can be out of pocket. With a travel insurance policy, you can recover funds that would have otherwise been lost.

Getting a quote on a travel insurance policy for your next road trip may enable you to take a dream vacation! From now until December 1st, 2017, if you call us at 1-855-211-8747 to obtain a travel insurance quote, you’ll be entered to win $3500 that can be put towards travel! A dream vacation, peace of mind, and a great road trip – it’s all possible!

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