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Burlington is situated between Oakville and Hamilton. This golden horseshoe city is perfect for families, offering a variety of outdoor activities and amenities to its residents. The city is generally safe, but sometimes you can’t predict what Mother Nature has in store. In order to protect your home and family from any potential disaster, it’s a good idea to look into obtaining home insurance. Home insurance is your safety net in the event that your home or its contents are damaged. Home insurance can be very general or extremely specific, depending on your insurance company and your coverage needs. Most policies cover unexpected disasters, such as explosions, fire, storm damage or theft, but do you really know the specifics of your coverage? 


When it comes to insuring your home, you need to find a broker that is interested in getting to know you, your family and your insurance needs. isure aims to exceed any expectations of an insurance company or brokerage by consistently going above and beyond personal requirements. We believe in providing friendly insurance services to all of our clients. Our transparent advice and question-answering establishes a unique relationship, one we hope you can positively reflect on. Our main priority is to find you the perfect coverage for the lowest rate!

Why Trust isure as your Burlington Home Insurance Broker?

Personalized attention

Our personalized approach to insurance is yet to be paralleled. Each day, our brokers strive to raise the bar. We not only personalize your coverage, but we never make any of our beloved customers feel like they are just a policy number.  

More savings

Prioritize your finances with ease when you choose isure. Our processes are designed to get each client the lowest insurance rates around. Bundle your different policies with us and save even more! isure has access to over 25 different insurers, and our natural ability to create competition between large firms always secures you a great rate. 

Attention and insight

We pay attention to our clients and work to find the coverage for everything taht they need, and even the things they didn’t know they needed. When our agents present you with coverage options, they can thoroughly explain costs and the extent of each coverage option. 

Control your home insurance policy

Make certain your home is protected from any and everything that could go wrong with full control over your home insurance policy. Make modifications to any part of your policy with just one call to an agent. 

Responsive claims

Predicting the future is not a reality for Canadians, which is why we offer our clients around-the-clock claims support. Did a summer storm send a tree through your roof at 2 AM, the Saturday morning of a long weekend? Don’t wait until Tuesday to file your claim! isure will ensure your claim makes its way to completion as fast as possible, regardless of the time or day. 

Get the leading insurance policies with the best personalized options you deserve.

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