With the cost of home insurance policy premiums rising, more homeowners are looking for ways to trim their insurance costs. If you’ve never had to claim through insurance for your home, it’s tempting to reduce coverage on your home insurance policy or even eliminate specific coverage. But because a home is most people’s most significant investment, the best alternative is to try to save money on your home insurance without taking on more risk and uncertainty. Read these valuable 10 tips on to save on home insurance and save on your home insurance today.

Bundle up

Bundling up your insurance to have multiple policies (i.e. home and auto) can save you up to 15 percent or more. Also, the company will see you as a loyal customer and may offer additional loyalty discounts.

Pay annually

You are paying annually rather than monthly is far more beneficial if you want to save money. For example, if you pay monthly, insurance companies add an interest cost to your premiums, so you end up paying more rather than if you were to pay annually.

Keep your house in good shape.

Keeping your house well maintained and in good shape is a great way to save money. Also, keeping regular repairs on your home will reduce the likelihood of problems snowballing into more significant issues. It can also mitigate the possibility of needing to file a claim in the future.

Don’t make small claims.

Rates go up for everyone when we make multiple claims as insurance companies end up paying much more, meaning these costs will be tacked on to you, the consumer. Not only that, but you will likely lose your claims-free discount. Therefore, it’s best to only claim on large or extensive damages that happen.

Get a monitored alarm system.

One of the most prominent claims covered by home insurance is theft. Investing in a better alarm system and having it correctly installed decreases your chances of being robbed. Most insurers will give you a discount for that!

Don’t over-insure your home.

Over-insuring your home will increase your premium since the more coverage you have, the higher the cost. However, under insuring could mean you take on unnecessary additional risk. Your isure insurance broker can help you determine the right amount of home coverage you need.

Keep your options open.

The best way to find the best insurance deal for you is to have someone help you shop the market. There is a lot of choice out there, so don’t limit your options. Above all, the best way to know where to start is to talk to an isure insurance broker to help you to find the best coverage for you.

Increase your deductible

Though this sounds contradictory, by doing this, your premiums will go down. Insurers will give you credits if you are prepared to take a more significant part of the risk and avoid smaller claims. However, before you do this, consider the deductible amount that you would be able to afford in the case of a claim.

Keep good credit

Insurance companies firmly believe that people who have a good credit score tend to be more successful in maintaining their homes and therefore deserve lower insurance rates.

Embrace your age

Older clients (namely those 50 and older) may receive insurance discounts because people in this age range are seen to be more financially stable and would be better and more successful homeowners.

In conclusion, as a homeowner, you must ensure your house for replacement costs. That way, if severe damage were ever to happen you have adequate coverage. It’s also a good idea to keep your home insurance current by reporting any material changes or upgrades to your homes. If you have questions about your home insurance policy or perhaps you’re looking for adequate coverage, contact us to speak with one of our isure insurance brokers and start saving money on your home insurance today.

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