One of the many ways to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather is by taking a drive. Here are our top 15 driving tips for fall to keep you safe while driving this season.

1. Be aware of leaves on the road

One of the biggest hazards to look out for on the road this autumn are leaves. As the leaves continue to fall this season, they can often clog up roadways. Additionally, when the weather changes, frozen and wet leaves are important to be weary of to avoid tires from slipping.

2. Look out for school zones

With students back in the classroom this fall, it’s important to look out for school zones. Make sure to obey the speed limits surrounding school zones, and yield to pedestrians. Even driving 10 km over the speed limit in a school zone can result in a $95 speeding ticket.

3. Watch for frost on your windows

As the weather can cool down quickly in autumn, it’s important to watch for frost on your car windows. Frost can affect your visibility when driving. The best way to get rid of frost on your windows is to use a scraper, so make sure you have one handy in your car ahead of the season.

4. Look out for deer on the road

It’s always important to look out for deer on the road, but with the unpredictable weather in autumn, it’s very important to stay alert. Always pay attention to road signs, and slow down if you see an animal crossing sign. According to driving experts, you should brake firmly and honk the horn if you come in contact with a deer instead of swerving. 

5. Check your wiper blades

Your wiper blades will come in handy when the weather starts to turn during the fall season. It’s important to make sure they are in good working condition. You can also be proactive and install winter wiper blades so you’re prepared for any upcoming weather. This is one of many important driving tips for fall to remember!

6. Check your tire pressure

Another tip for driving in autumn is to check your tire pressure. It’s always important to check your tire pressure, but even more so when preparing for the colder seasons. The changing temperatures can cause your tires to expand and contract, therefore changing your tire pressure. 

7. Give plenty of stopping room

It’s important to give yourself plenty of stopping room between you and the driver in front of you. Slippery roads and inclement weather can make it harder to control your car, especially when braking suddenly. Giving yourself plenty of room helps keep you and drivers around you safe.

8. Prepare for changing weather conditions

Fall weather is unpredictable, so do keep this in mind before hitting the road this season. Always check the weather before getting into your car, and judge accordingly. The roads are often slippery in autumn, so if you aren’t comfortable driving in these conditions, ask another person to drive, when possible. Always keep this in mind as one of our top driving tips for fall.

9. Schedule a tune-up

To make sure your car is ready for anything, it’s a great idea to schedule a tune-up at your mechanic. The mechanic will address any issues with your car, especially ones you may not be aware of. This tune-up will let you drive with confidence this autumn.

10. Use your low beams when driving in fog

It’s important to use your low beams when driving in fog. Fog is common in the fall, so it’s important to be prepared. Choose your low beams over your high beams, as brighter lights will reflect off the fog, making it harder to see. 

11. Check your headlights

Your headlights will help you see clearly in the dark. And with the unpredictability of driving in autumn, your headlight maintenance will be very important for this time of year. Make sure your headlights are aimed forward, clean, and are working properly.

12. Install winter tires

Although autumn weather is usually more mild than an Ontario winter, it’s a good idea to install winter tires early. Once the weather drops below 7 degrees celsius, book an appointment to have winter tires installed. This way, you will be prepared for any cold weather at the drop of a hat!

13. Take your time when turning corners

To safely drive in the fall, take your time when turning corners. Turning can be dangerous on slippery roads, so proceed with caution and take your time. This tip is especially important to remember when turning a blind corner suddenly.

14. Watch out for black ice

Although it is not winter yet, autumn weather can often include black ice on the roads. On particularly colder days, black ice can form unexpectedly. Take caution when driving, especially on days where the weather is close to freezing temperatures.

15. Be aware of sun glare

It is often sunny in the fall, and with it getting darker, sooner, the sun tends to rise and set when roads are busiest. So, it is also important to be aware of unexpected sun glare. This can obscure your view when driving, so keep a pair of sunglasses handy and always use your sun visor when necessary.

Although you may want to take in the colourful sights while behind the wheel, do keep in mind our top safety driving tips for fall. Happy autumn!

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