Driving requires your full attention and any form of distraction can result in dangerous consequences. Distracted Driving such as drinking and driving is a serious offense, and distractions can be equally as dangerous. Looking away from the road, even for a split second, can be disastrous and increases the odds of your involvement in a collision.

Whenever your focus shifts to something other than the road, your ability to drive safely becomes compromised and the consequences may cost you more than just a ticket. Talking on your phone, texting, looking through a playlist, or viewing a map while you’re driving are all considered distractions and will put you and others at risk. Eating, reading, and typing a location into your GPS are also activities that count as distracted driving, so you must not do any of these things when you’re behind the wheel. It’s important to remember that these count as distractions even when you’re stopped at a red light, so you need to remain focused at all times, regardless of whether you’re driving on the highway or stopped at a red light.

A lot of drivers are not taking this issue seriously, which is extremely problematic because the consequences can be deadly. Fines and penalties are increasing because there are too many accidents occurring as a result. Using a hand-held device while driving can cost you up to a thousand dollars in fines in addition to demerit points and a license suspension, depending on the severity of the offense. Police can also charge a driver with careless driving if it is proven that they were not paying attention to the road, and this charge is a lot more serious and can result in jail time.

The worst part is that accidents that occur as a result of distracted driving could all be prevented, so drivers really need to take this issue seriously because it can cost you a lot. Financial penalties aside, it can also cause major injuries and your carelessness can also harm other innocent drivers. Talking and texting are extremely dangerous, although other factors can impact your driving abilities as well. Studies show that younger drivers are often distracted when surfing through their music options, whereas parents are often distracted by their kids when driving together. Older drivers, on the other hand, are generally distracted by elements outside the vehicle, so distractions affect every driver and are not limited to one age category in particular.

The rule is simple; whenever you’re behind the wheel, focus on the road. This should be your priority because it will ensure that you get to your destination safely without harming yourself or others. If you want more information regarding the severity of this issue and how it would impact your insurance, isure can help. We offer auto insurance to drivers in Ottawa and would be glad to answer any of your questions, so give us a call now!

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