Cheap Chatham-Kent Car Insurance 

Out of all the provinces in Canada, Ontario auto insurance rates have ranked amongst the highest. As Chatham-Kent is close to the American border, many residents work and visit the States frequently. Chatham-Kent is also the Classic Car Capital of Canada where they host a classic car show every June.

Just like every other city in Ontario, it’s the law for Chatham-Kent drivers to have car insurance. These policies must include third-party liability, uninsured car coverage, direct compensation property damage, and statutory accident benefits.

Why Trust isure As Your Chatham-kent Insurance Broker?

There are a number of reasons for people living in Chatham-Kent to contact an isure insurance broker. Some of the best advantages of working with us include:

Easy To Follow Quotes Contacting several insurers for rates can take a long time. When you hire an isure Chatham-Kent insurance broker, they handle all of these details, including obtaining quotes from different insurers for you!
Save More Money Insurance brokers are the top solution to lower your insurance rates and save you money. Our Chatham-Kent insurance brokers have access to several insurance providers, premiums, coverage types and they will help you find the most affordable quotes for you based on the information you provide.
Valuable Information from a Licensed Insurance Professional Navigating insurance can be extremely difficult if you have little to no experience. Hiring a licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced insurance broker can provide you with all of the important guidance you need to make the right insurance decisions.


isure And Chatham-kent Auto Insurance

We are Chatham-Kent’s auto insurance experts! isure insurance offers auto insurance rates that suit the needs of all Chatham-Kent drivers and classic car collectors. Our promise to you is to provide knowledgeable and transparent insurance expertise when you call us or get a quote online. We shop for the best auto insurance rates available for you to ensure you obtain the insurance you can count on. As Ontario’s car leading insurance broker, our auto insurance rates in Chatham-Kent can provide you with high-quality coverage, convenience, and personalized service that exceeds your expectations. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your auto insurance in Chatham-Kent with isure insurance!


Insurance will cover most repair costs or the value of your car if it is totaled. While your car is being fixed, your policy may even cover rental car costs so you can drive in the meantime. In certain accidents, tow truck fees and taxis from the location could also be covered. To find out what your policy covers, speak to your isure!

The isure Insurance Advantage

isure hires only the best and most reputable Chatham-Kent insurance brokers to get you the best quotes. Experience the isure insurance broker advantage:

Fully Licensed

We are registered under the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) to ensure your safety and that you are in good hands.

Your Needs are our Top Priority

We are real insurance brokers helping real, amazing Chatham-Kent citizens. Each of our clients are assigned to a dedicated insurance broker that advocates for their needs when dealing with insurance providers. We handle all claims, quotes, inquiries, updates and more.

Best Insurance Providers

We have access to all of the best, well-respected insurance providers in all of Canada for you!

We Understand the Market

isure has been the top insurance choice for Ontarions since 2006. We are also one of Canada’s most progressive, reputable insurance brokers with real people that live for insurance! We’re committed to helping Chatham-Kent citizens access the best insurance coverage available.

Coverage For All Your Insurance Needs

Our insurance brokers get Chatham-Kent residents quotes for home, commercial, auto, life, travel and more.

Unbiased Advice

We guarantee honest, unbiased advice about the insurance quotes we obtain for you and all details that accompany it. We will always search and locate the coverage that is best suited to your needs.

You Save While We Work

You can save hundreds of dollars on insurance when you work with our Chatham-Kent insurance brokers. Discuss your insurance needs with us and we’ll find the perfect coverage options and rates.

About Chatham-Kent Auto Insurance

How can you lower the cost of your car insurance in Chatham-Kent?

Anti-theft Devices: Any equipment or tools that can help prevent theft to your vehicle can lower your insurance premium.
Winter Tires: The winters in Chatham-Kent can be gruelling, especially when you need to drive to work every day! Not only is it imperative for your safety to have winter tires installed in the winter months, but you are often eligible for discounts on insurance premiums when your car has winter tires.

What factors affect auto insurance in Chatham-Kent?

Vehicle Type: The year, make and model of your vehicle will be considered by auto insurance companies when calculating the premium.
Vehicle Use: The way you drive your vehicle, how often and your driving habits can all play a role in the insurance rate you will pay.

Postal Code: The more populated, urban areas in Chatham-Kent often have a higher claim rate than rural parts. Urban residents can likely expect to pay a higher premium based on their postal code.

The Driver’s Age: Drivers with more experience on the road often pay much lower auto insurance premiums than newer and younger drivers.

Collision Reporting and Claims Process

Despite being a good, cautious driver, accidents can still happen. Actions you take following an accident are essential to making your claims process a breeze. Accidents are stressful, happen quickly, and are usually unexpected. Follow the steps outlined below and make the post-accident process in Chatham-Kent a little easier.

1. Address any injuries
No matter how bad the vehicle damage is, your first priority is your health, followed by the health of the other individuals involved. Any kind of medical trauma needs to be addressed and treated properly before continuing on with the process. If injuries are serious, call 911 immediately.
2. Make records

After an accident, it’s very important to make records of just about everything. Use your phone to jot down notes or take pictures, focusing on the following four aspects: 

  • Damages 

Take pictures of all the damage to your car, the road, the other driver’s vehicle and anything else that is noteworthy. Be sure to take as many pictures of the damage as you can to provide a better idea to the insurance companies and the collision reporting centre. 

  • Licences 

Take a photo of the other drivers’ licence. By taking a photo, you can obtain all the information needed, including license number, name, and address. Additionally, you should exchange contact information to make conversing in the future easier. 

  • Insurance 

Exchange photos of your insurance policies. This way, there is a record that you both have insurance, and there is also a way to speak to one another incase communication runs dry throughout the process. 

  • Account the specific conditions 

Make note of the weather at the time of the collision, when it happened, where it happened, and what driving conditions were like. This may even help relieve you of fault, or at least war the city and other drivers of potential dangers in the area. 

3. Report to collision centre

Once you have made records, it is time to head over to a collision reporting centre. The agents will take record of the documents you bring and can help you when it comes to planning the next events. To get to the collision centre, it is best to have a friend or a taxi drive you. If the location is closed at the time of the accident, head there at the earliest time you can. It is likely that driving your car will be unsafe at this point. To deal with your vehicle, you can call a tow truck driver who will be able to take your car to the mechanic.


Telephone: 519-355-1937

Fax: 519-355-0556

Email: [email protected]

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Chatham-Kent Collision Reporting Centre is located within the Police Station at 24 Third Street, between King Street West and Wellington Street West.

4. Know when to involve authorities
Calling the police after an accident is only necessary if the total accident damage exceeds $2000. Accidents exceeding $2000 need to be reported to the authorities within 24 hours, by law. This is no problem in Chatham-Kent, seeing as the collision centre is conveniently located within the police station.