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Out of all the Provinces and Territories in Canada, Ontario ranks highest for auto insurance rates. As Oshawa is the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area, many people choose to live in Oshawa as it offers a high-quality of life while being fairly close to downtown Toronto. However, since Oshawa is a part of the GTA, people living and driving in Oshawa can be subjected to higher auto insurance rates.
As a driver in Oshawa, it is the law to have car insurance. These policies must include third-party liability, uninsured car coverage, direct compensation property damage, and statutory accident benefits. However, many Oshawa drivers choose to add additional coverage to their plans as well for optimal coverage.

How much does car insurance cost in Oshawa?

There are several factors that will affect the rate you receive, although the average cost of auto insurance in Oshawa is about $1,800 per year. Your postal code will be factored into our calculations, as will your driving history and the type of car you drive. Car insurance rates are more expensive in areas that have dense traffic because there is a higher number of commuters and a higher volume of claims.

We will take the time to review your rate and will discuss all the factors that were included in the calculation. Our goal is to provide clients with the car insurance policy they need for fair rates, and you can speak to our brokers at any time to receive a quote for car insurance in Oshawa.

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Oshawa

The following insurance types are mandatory in Oshawa:

1. Third-Party Liability

This provides you with coverage if you were to face a lawsuit resulting from an accident where you were at-fault. 

3. Uninsured Automobile Insurance

This will provide coverage in the event you are injured or killed by an uninsured driver. It will also provide you with coverage if your car is damaged as a result of a hit-and-run by an unidentified or uninsured motorist. 

2. Direct Compensation-Property Damage

This will cover damage to your car or loss of use of your vehicle if another driver is at-fault, although it must involve another insured vehicle. 

4. Statutory Accident Benefits

This will provide you with coverage in the event you are injured in an accident, regardless of who is at-fault. It will also cover medical expenses that are not covered by OHIP. 


Oshawa: Optional Car Insurance

Not every type of car insurance coverage is mandatory in Oshawa. Our brokers here at isure will make sure you have the necessary coverage, but we will also present you with optional coverage choices, which can include:

1. Collision insurance

If your car is damaged in a crash, this will protect you against damages sustained in a collision. This will apply regardless of whether you crash into another vehicle or slam into a stationary object. 

3. Emergency Roadside Assistance

Dead batteries, towing, flat tires and an empty gas tank are all examples of roadside emergencies. This service will cover you in these types of situations.

5. All Perils

If you want to unify both collision and comprehensive insurance, this type of coverage will be beneficial. It will also include additional protection if a household member or an employee takes your car. 

2. Comprehensive coverage

Drivers will sometimes suffer losses from events unrelated to driving. Comprehensive coverage will protect you in these situations. Theft, vandalism or damage from attempted burglary are examples of such losses.

4. Specified Perils

Drivers can name specific risks in their policy. Your insurance will cover any financial losses from these specific perils, including explosions, theft, fire or damage from hail, lightning, wind and flooding.

Our brokers can also discuss Optional Policy Change Forms, for your Oshawa car insurance. These are coverage enhancements and common endorsements include:


OPCF 20: This would cover the fee of a rental car while yours is being repaired or replaced.


OPCF 27: This can transfer your existing insurance to a rental car or a vehicle you borrow.


OPCF 39: This would provide you with forgiveness from your insurer for your first accident claim, preventing your insurance rate from being impacted.


OPCF 43: This will remove depreciation in calculating the value of your car when you settle a claim.


OPCF 49: This gives you the ability to opt out of Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) Premiums.


OPCF 28A: This will intentionally remove specific high-risk drivers in your household from receiving your coverage to help lower premiums


OPCF 44R: This protects you in the event where you’re dealing with an at-fault uninsured or inadequately insured driver.

OPCF 16 & 17

OPCF 16 & 17: These two forms allow you to suspend your car insurance coverage and then reninstate it when you need it.

Why Trust isure as your Oshawa Insurance Broker

There are a number of reasons for people living in Oshawa to contact an isure insurance broker. Some of the key advantages of working with us include:

Valuable Information from a Licensed Insurance Professional

Navigating insurance can be extremely difficult if you have little to no experience. Hiring a licensed, knowledgeable and experienced insurance broker can provide you with all of the important guidance you need to make the right insurance decisions.

Easy To Follow Quotes

Contacting several insurers for rates can take a long time. When you hire an isure Oshawa insurance broker, they handle all of these details, including obtaining quotes from different insurers for you!

Save More Money

Insurance brokers are the top solution to lower your insurance rates and save you money. Our Oshawa insurance brokers have access to several insurance providers, premiums, coverage types and they will help you find the most affordable quotes for you based on the information you provide.


isure hires only the best and most reputable Oshawa insurance brokers to get you the best and cheapest quotes for you. Experience the isure insurance broker advantage:

Unbiased Advice

We guarantee honest, unbiased advice about the insurance quotes we obtain for you and all details that accompany it. We will always search and locate the coverage that is best suited to your needs.

Best Insurance Providers

We have access to all of the best, well-respected insurance providers in all of Canada for you!

We Understand the Market

isure has been the top insurance choice for Ontarions since 2006. We are also one of Canada’s most progressive, reputable insurance brokers with real people that live for insurance! We’re committed to helping Oshawa citizens access the best insurance coverage available.

Coverage For All Your Insurance Needs

Our insurance brokers get Oshawa residents quotes for home, commercial, auto, life, travel, and more.

You Save While We Work

You can save hundreds of dollars on insurance when you work with our Oshawa insurance brokers. You can discuss your insurance needs with us and we’ll find the perfect coverage options and rates.

Your Needs are our Top Priority

We are real insurance brokers helping real, amazing Oshawa citizens. Each of our clients are assigned to a dedicated insurance broker that advocates for their needs when dealing with insurance providers. We handle all claims, quotes, inquiries, updates and more.

isure and Oshawa Auto Insurance

isure insurance offers auto insurance rates that are suitable for all Oshawa drivers. We promise to provide transparent and knowledgeable insurance expertise when you call or visit us online. Our brokers shop for the best auto insurance rates available for you to ensure you obtain the insurance you can count on. As Ontario’s leading car insurance broker, our auto insurance rates in Oshawa can provide you with high-quality coverage, convenience, and personalized service that exceeds your expectations. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your auto insurance in Oshawa with isure insurance!

About Oshawa Auto Insurance

What factors affect auto insurance in Oshawa?

Type of Vehicle: The year, make and model of your vehicle will be considered by auto insurance companies when calculating the premium.

Vehicle Use: The way you drive your vehicle, how often and your driving habits can all play a role in the insurance rate you will pay.

Postal Code: The more populated, urban areas in Oshawa often have a higher claim rate than rural parts. Urban residents can likely expect to pay a higher premium based on their postal code.

The Driver’s Age: Drivers with more experience on the road often pay much lower auto insurance premiums than newer and younger drivers.

How can you lower the cost of your car insurance in Oshawa?

Anti-theft Devices:Any equipment or tools that can help prevent theft to your vehicle can lower your insurance premium.

Winter Tires: The winters in Oshawa can see a lot of snowfall and makes it hard to drive in every day as you commute to work! Not only is it imperative for your safety to have winter tires installed in the winter months, but you are often eligible for discounts on insurance premiums when your car has winter tires.

Oshawa Collision Reporting and Claims Process

Car accidents; an occurrence so common that in order to drive, you need to have insurance capable of paying for accidents. While you have insurance, not everyone knows the protocol for reporting an accident. isure’s accident reporting document is designed to help Oshawa residents understand the reporting process and save time while doing so. 

1. Make sure everyone is safe

The first step is to make sure anyone involved in the accident is safe. Asking if everyone is okay maybe the only step you need to take. If anyone seems hurt, call 911 to request medical assistance immediately. Once you are sure that they are okay or that they have received appropriate medical attention, you can proceed to the next step. 


2. Take pictures

Take lots of pictures of the accident area, documents, and damage. Each of the images you take can convey a reliable message. There are four specifics you should be sure not to miss when taking photos: 

  • Damages 

Take pictures of the damage done to all vehicles involved. By taking pictures of everything that was damaged, you are creating a concrete proof for the insurance companies and yourself, along with the other drivers involved.  

  • License 

Take pictures of the licenses of those involved in the accident. This way, you have a way of identifying them, proof that they remained on-scene, and you have most of the information needed when you file a report. This point is also when you can get a contact number from the other involved persons – a step vital to communicating. 

  • Insurance 

Exchanging insurance is a non-negotiable part of any accident that results in personal injury or property damage. Taking a picture of a car insurance slip offers the policy number and insurance provider, as well as the make, year, and model of the car involved. 

  • Conditions  

While you don’t have to take a picture of this, making a note of the time, weather, location, and road conditions of the accident are all highly recommended measures you should take.  

3. When do you report?

You need to report any accident which exceeds $2,000 in total damages. Not only that but reports should be filed within 24 hours of the accident according to Ontario law. 

4. How to report

In order to complete a report and file a claim with insurance, you must visit an Ontario collision centre. For residents in Oshawa, the closest collision centre is located at: 

650 Rossland Rd East WHITBY, ONTARIO L1V 1C6 

Hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sat., Sun. and Holidays: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

In order to get to the centre, it is recommended that you have your car towed. You can get yourself there via a friend or taxi to avoid further accidents or damage. Once there, you will be walked through the actual report by an employee at the centre. The information will then be sent to your insurance company so you can file your claim. 

Oshawa driving tips

  • Look out for one-way streets because Oshawa has a lot of them, which can sometimes be confusing. Remain alert to ensure you turn on the right street.
  • Get up to speed as quickly as possible when merging into traffic on the 401 because the on-ramps are shorter than normal. Speed will help you merge into traffic effectively.
  • Make sure you have quality snow tires in the winter because the snow can cause complex driving conditions.
  • Give yourself plenty of extra time when driving into the city, and always plan for traffic.
  • If you are in a rush, do not drive over the speed limit or cut in front of cars on the 401. Consider taking Highway 407 instead, which is a toll road that will help you avoid traffic.

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