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Kia cars are a Korean-made brand connected to other manufacturers like Hyundai and Ford. The cars are well known for being environmentally conscious, and out of the traditional vehicle mold. Kia models like the Kia Soul are easily identifiable on the road with their alternative exterior style and spacious modern interiors. Other popular models include the Sedona and increasingly popular Forte. Kia models are typically quite affordable and boast an enjoyable drive. 

Kia Insurance Prices 

Kia owners know the unique look of the car is not the only benefit. When it comes to insuring your Kia Car, in general, costs are lower compared to other vehicle makes and models. As the average driver, you can expect to pay between under $1500 yearly for insurance. 

KIA Insurance Factors 

There are a few factors that make Kia insurance more affordable than other vehicle makes. 


Kia cars are generally lower than average to purchase and replace. This is a positive for insurance companies. Vehicles that are more expensive to repair and replace cost more in monthly insurance.  


While new Kia models have great safety features like assistive braking, lane departure warning, and safety ratings to match, there are a few Kia models that do have lower than average ratings. Generally, the models with better safety ratings cost less to insure because there is a lower personal injury risk. 


Kia cars, SUVs, and Vans generally are not targets of car thefts. They have security features and car thieves tend to steal luxury vehicles as well as cars with fewer security features. 

Personal driving factors 

In addition to the brand of your vehicle, insurance costs take into consideration a number of personal driving factors. The way you drive, how often you drive, why you drive, your age, your previous driving record, and where you live all play a role in determining your monthly insurance premium. 

Keeping Kia insurance costs low 

There are not many things about how your insurance provider perceives your vehicle you can control, but you do have a hand in determining your insurance costs in other ways. 

Drive safe 

When you maintain a clean driving record, you do the biggest thing you can to keep your insurance costs low. Drivers who have even one accident or driving ticket on their record pay more in monthly insurance costs. 

Get quotes 

Start your hunt for low insurance by asking for quotes from different providers and shop rates. You can shop for these rates on your own or go through isure insurance broker. At isure we shop rates from different insurance providers to present you with 10 low rates for different insurance packages.