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Are you looking for Lexus car insurance? The Lexus brand is a luxury vehicle provider that Toyota owns. For consumers, that means the same reliable features that are a part of many Toyota models make their way to Lexus vehicles. Larger Lexus vehicles, including Lexus SUVs, are excellent car options during treacherous Ontario winters. The vehicles drive smoothly on the road, and with award-winning safety, you can be sure your family is safe whenever they’re with you. 

When it comes to insuring your Lexus vehicle, rates will range. Ass the brand is known for its luxury driving experience andconveniences, insurance rates will likely be higher than other vehicle brands. In addition, specific Lexus models like the LX and their exclusive sports cars will cost more to insure comprehensively. What else about the Lexus affects the cost? 

What Impacts Lexus Car Insurance? 

There are a few factors that impact Lexus car insurance in general and your specific rate. 


Because Lexus is a luxury brand, replacement costs tend to be higher. OEM replacement part costs are also more expensive than other brands, which can impact your monthly premium. Ask your broker about increasing your deductible to account for elevated costs. 


Lexus has historically been a target of car theft. Because this factor increases your chances of filing a claim, insurance rates will more than likely reflect this. Add additional safety features to help offset these costs. 


Lexus has a great reputation of being reliable and has earned great safety ratings. Both these factors decrease the overall cost of your insurance. 

How old YOU are 

Apart from the vehicle, how much your Lexus insurance will cost depends a little bit on you as well. How old you are is an immediate factor in determining your monthly insurance rate. Younger drivers tend to experience higher premiums until they have been driving long enough to build up a clean driving record. 

How you drive 

A second factor that impacts how much you will pay in insurance is how you drive your Lexus. The more often you drive, the higher your claims risk is to insurance companies. If you reduce the amount you drive, let your insurance company know; you may see a dip in your premium rate. 

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