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Porsche Insurance

Porsche is a German manufactured sports car company, which began in 1948. Porsche has continued to manufacture classic luxury cars, from roadsters and coupes to SUVs. Porsche’s consistently deliver on the luxury feel and top-notch features you’d expect, which makes a Porsche a great option for anyone looking to drive in style and luxury. 

What impacts Porsche Car Insurance costs? 

1. Theft 

Porsche’s, while a luxury vehicle, are not generally theft targets because of their anti-theft technology deterrents. 

2. Value 

Porsches are a luxury brand with the price tag to match. Replacement value is quite high – a factor that contributes to higher insurance rates. Starting costs can start anywhere around $50,000 and will only go up from there. 

3. Safety 

Porsche’s are quite safe, with added safety features to prevent high frequency of road accidents. 

4. Parts 

OEM Porsche parts are extremely expensive, not to mention difficult to find. Insurance companies are aware of the high costs, which will reflect in your insurance costs. 

How do Porsche car insurance costs compare to other car brands? 

Being a luxury-branded vehicle, you can expect to pay higher insurance rates than the average vehicle, but the same level of insurance is needed to drive them. Costs will greatly vary depending on the exact year and model of the Porsche you drive. 

How to keep Porsche auto insurance costs low 

Because Porsche’s already come equipped with multiple safety and anti-theft technologies, it may not make the biggest difference when it comes to adding additional measures. Instead, the best ways to reduce your insurance costs are as follows: 

1. Increase your deductible 

By increasing your deductible, you are agreeing to pay more on your own if it comes time to make a claim. This lowers your monthly rate and, if you never need to make a claim, is a great deal in the long run. 

2. Bundle home and auto 

Bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance to get a bundle discount. With bundled insurance policies, you are also able to share the same deductible. 

3. Drive less 

When you drive your car less, there is less likelihood of you getting into an accident and filing a claim. Make sure if you decide to drive less that you let your insurance broker know! 

4. Trust isure as your broker 

Getting insurance through a broker can lower your insurance rate. As your insurance broker, we will sift through dozens of policies from different providers, shopping for rates and policy specifics. Why? Because this ensures you have the best coverage at the lowest rate!