Tesla Car Insurance

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Tesla Auto Insurance

Are you looking for a great Tesla Car Insurance rate?  Teslas are one of the bestselling electric vehicle brands in Canada. Tesla has five main models: The Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and the Tesla Roadster. In the past eight years that Teslas have been available, they have made their way up the ranks for most purchased vehicles. In 2020, the Tesla Model 3 was the 8th most popular sedan! 

Is a Tesla Car Insurance Policy expensive? 

Yes, it is more expensive than most vehicles to insure a Tesla, but not by much. Teslas are a very difficult car to steal because of security features and are very well equipped with safety features. That being said, Teslas still do cost more to insure than the average car for a number of different reasons – one of main ones being that repairs are pricey. This means claims costs are higher than other vehicles, with the added risks of electric, self-driving cars. 

What is the most expensive Tesla to insure? 

The most expensive Tesla insurance policy will largely depend on your record as a driver. That being said, the Model 3 is the most popular model. 

Are there added risks with electric cars like Tesla? 

Electric cars do not make noise like gas-powered cars do, which means this could be a hazard on the road for bikers and pedestrians. Why? Because you cannot hear when a car is coming up behind or beside you. Secondly, the self-driving function can be seen as risky to insurance providers. 

Save on your Tesla car Insurance! 

Savings are made easy by isure when it comes to your Tesla. Some of the quick adjustments mentioned below can lead to major savings: 


Bundle your home and auto insurance to save! Share all the associated costs between both your home and auto insurance policies. 

Increase your deductible 

When you increase your deductible, you increase the amount you pay out of pocket if you have to make a claim. By increasing your deductible, you will reduce your annual costs as a result. 

Drive safe 

Keep a clean driving record and save on insurance costs! Insurance providers are more likely to give lower insurance rates to safe drivers with clean driving records and claims history. 

Shop rates 

isure will shop rates and policies from different insurance providers. We’ll see where you can get the lowest rate and provide insight – that’s the perk of using an insurance broker like us!