Volkswagen Auto Insurance

Making Insurance Friendly and Easier

Are you looking for a Volkswagen Car Insurance Quote?  Volkswagen is a German vehicle manufacturer known for models like the classic Beetle, the Rabbit, the Jetta, and more recently, the Tiguan SUV. They are a popular brand worldwide and are frequently praised for their longevity. 

Volkswagen Car Insurance 

The average cost to insure a Volkswagen vehicle is just that, average. You can expect to pay between $1,200 and $2,000 a year for your comprehensive auto insurance policy. The exact price you pay will depend quite a lot on the model and year you have, your age, as well as your past driving record. There are specific factors unique to all Volkswagen models that contribute to your insurance costs. 

Factors that Impact the Cost of Volkswagen Car Insurance 


If you end up in an accident where insurance gets involved, you will need to pay for repairs costs. Unfortunately, being a German made vehicle, automotive parts can get expensive. The fact that these parts are so difficult to acquire and expensive plays a role in the overall cost.  


Volkswagen typically are not highly thefted vehicles. That doesn’t mean they aren’t ever stolen, but the frequency is lower.  


Volkswagens are extremely safe. Their high safety standards help keep personal injury claims low, a benefit you will see reflected in insurance rates. Many Volkswagen models also have assistive technologies that help minimize accident risk. 


German engineering is no joke, Volkswagen cars last for well beyond the average vehicle life expectancy. While repairs can be expensive, the right repairs will keep you driving your Volkswagen for years to come. 

Keeping Volkswagen Car Insurance Costs Low 

Keeping insurance costs low reduces your monthly driving budget and keeps more money in your pocket. There are a few different ways to keep your insurance costs down. These are the top three ways to keep your Volkswagen insurance rates low. 

Drive safely and keep a clean record 

Did you know that after even one driving infraction or a single accident, your insurance rates can see a rise of over 30%? Keeping a clear driving record is the best way to keep your insurance costs as manageable as possible. The longer you drive accident free, the lower your insurance will be. 

Drive less 

When you don’t drive as much, insurance companies see you as a lower-risk driver. You could save hundreds of dollars a year on your Volkswagen insurance by reducing the amount you drive. For example, CAA has a special “MyPace” program that helps less frequent drivers save money on their insurance policies.

Use an insurance broker 

When you use an insurance broker as opposed to getting your policy directly from a provider, you can save more! Insurance brokers like isure have access to and the ability to search through a number of rates from different providers. This saves you from doing it on your own and ultimately secures you the lowest rate for the policy you need!