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Out of all the Provinces and Territories in Canada, Ontario ranks highest for auto insurance rates. With that said, not every city in Ontario comes with pricey auto insurance rates. Peterborough is commonly referred to as the gateway to cottage country, but it is a quiet and scenic city to settle down in. With a population of around 80,000 people, the transit system isn’t as lavish as other cities, so many residents do rely on personal vehicles to get around.

As a driver in Peterborough or anywhere in Ontario, it is the law to have car insurance. These policies must include third-party liability, uninsured car coverage, direct compensation property damage, and statutory accident benefits. However, many Peterborough drivers choose to add additional coverage to their plans as well for optimal coverage.

Why Trust isure as your Peterborough Insurance Broker

There are a number of reasons for people living in Peterborough to contact an isure insurance broker. Some of the key advantages of working with us include:

Valuable Information from a Licensed Insurance Professional

Navigating insurance can be extremely difficult if you have little to no experience. Hiring a licensed, knowledgeable and experienced insurance broker can provide you with all of the important guidance you need to make the right insurance decisions.

Easy To Follow Quotes

Contacting several insurers for rates can take a long time. When you hire an isure Peterborough insurance broker, they handle all of these details, including obtaining quotes from different insurers for you!

Save More Money

Insurance brokers are the top solution to lower your insurance rates and save you money. Our Peterborough insurance brokers have access to several insurance providers, premiums, coverage types and they will help you find the most affordable quotes for you based on the information you provide.


isure hires only the best and most reputable Peterborough insurance brokers to get you the best quotes. Experience the isure insurance broker advantage:

Unbiased Advice

We guarantee honest, unbiased advice about the insurance quotes we obtain for you and all details that accompany it. We will always search and locate the coverage that is best suited to your needs.

Best Insurance Providers

We have access to all of the best, well-respected insurance providers in all of Canada for you!

We Understand the Market

isure has been the top insurance choice for Ontarions since 2006. We are also one of Canada’s most progressive, reputable insurance brokers with real people that live for insurance! We’re committed to helping Peterborough citizens access the best insurance coverage available.

Coverage For All Your Insurance Needs

Our insurance brokers get Peterborough residents quotes for home, commercial, auto, life, travel, and more.

You Save While We Work

You can save hundreds of dollars on insurance when you work with our Peterborough insurance brokers. You can discuss your insurance needs with us and we’ll find the perfect coverage options and rates.

Your Needs are our Top Priority

We are real insurance brokers helping real, amazing Peterborough citizens. Each of our clients are assigned to a dedicated insurance broker that advocates for their needs when dealing with insurance providers. We handle all claims, quotes, inquiries, updates and more.

isure and Peterborough Auto Insurance

isure insurance offers auto insurance rates that are suitable for all Peterborough drivers. We promise to provide transparent and knowledgeable insurance expertise when you call or visit us online. Our brokers shop for the best auto insurance rates available for you to ensure you obtain the insurance you can count on. As Ontario’s leading car insurance broker, our auto insurance rates in Peterborough can provide you with high-quality coverage, convenience, and personalized service that exceeds your expectations. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your auto insurance in Peterborough with isure insurance!

About Peterborough Auto Insurance

What factors affect auto insurance in Peterborough?

Vehicle Type: The year, make and model of your vehicle will be considered by auto insurance companies when calculating the premium.

Vehicle Use: The way you drive your vehicle, how often and your driving habits can all play a role in the insurance rate you will pay.

Postal Code: The more populated, urban areas in Peterborough often have a higher claim rate than rural parts. Urban residents can likely expect to pay a higher premium based on their postal code.

The Driver’s Age: Drivers with more experience on the road often pay much lower auto insurance premiums than newer and younger drivers .

How can you lower the cost of your car insurance in Peterborough?

Anti-theft Devices:Any equipment or tools that can help prevent theft to your vehicle can lower your insurance premium.

Winter Tires: The winters in Peterborough can see a lot of snowfall and makes it hard to drive in every day as you commute to work! Not only is it imperative for your safety to have winter tires installed in the winter months, but you are often eligible for discounts on insurance premiums when your car has winter tires.

Peterborough Collision Reporting and Claims Process

Peterborough has a fairly low accident rate; however, accidents still do happen. When these accidents happen, they can be expensive if you don’t follow appropriate procedures. isure loves to save our clients money whenever and wherever we can. With that being said, this is our complete vehicle collision guide for residents of Peterborough: 

1. Any injuries?

Before you worry about your vehicle, be 100% sure that everyone is safe. If anyone appears to be injured, you should call for medical attention as soon as possible. Even minor injuries can develop after the shock wears off. Take all the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of all those involved before proceeding to the next steps. 


2. Documents

Documenting the aftermath of the accident is critical if you want to file an insurance claim. One way you can do this is by taking pictures – lots of pictures! There are four things you need to pay specific attention to when documenting the aftermath of a collision: 

  • Damages 

Take a variety of pictures of the damages to all vehicles. Images are a great way to accurately document any external vehicular damage. A picture also shows the extent of damage to each vehicle. It is a good idea to document damages to both vehicles to make certain there is a clear record. In the photos, it is a good idea to note the car make, model, and year of each vehicle involved. 

  • License 

Take a picture of the driver’s licenses for each individual involved. You can avoid jotting down things like name, license number, and address all with one picture. Exchanging pictures of each other’s licenses also proves that you remained on-scene following the accident in case someone were to suggest otherwise. 

  • Insurance 

Take a picture of each other’s insurance slips. This is a good way to prove that your car is insured and you can pay for the damage. Secondly, this is a good way to establish a connection between you and the other driver(s) in case they become unreachable by whatever contact information they gave you. 

  • Conditions 

Jot down the conditions when the accident happened. This note should include information like the weather, location, time, and road conditions of the accident. If there are any witnesses, get their information, as well. 

3. When you need to report to the police

You need to report an accident to the police if the accident damage appears to exceed $2,000 combined. Reporting to the police can be done by visiting a collision center, though they need to be reported within 24 hours. 

4. At the collision centre

Getting to the collision center is not complicated, but the correct steps need to be taken. Typically, it is not recommended to drive to the collision center in a car that was just in an accident. You may have invisible damage that impacts the way your vehicle drives, as well as the safety of those around you. You and your car should separately make their way to a collision center by way of a tow truck and friend/taxi driver. 


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What insurance covers: 

Car insurance is there for a reason, and accidents do happen. Your insurance is there to cover costs associated with repairs, replacements, rentals and sometimes will even cover your towing and taxi costs. Talk to your isure broker today to discuss your current policy coverage! 

Save when you bundle your home and auto insurance

Lower your insurance rate and save money

How To Get An Auto Insurance Quote In Peterborough?

Working with a suite of quality insurers, isure will do the work of gathering quotes from each company to find the lowest cost for the plan that suits your needs. We work by the isure pledge to ensure that you are always taken care of, and that we work with your best interests in mind. Our dedicated insurance consultants in Peterborough will find you the best choice, and will only recommend moving you to another insurer if it works for you.

Finding the right insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. See how the isure difference can help you keep your driving peace of mind.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay For Auto Insurance in Peterborough?

There are many factors that go into the price of auto insurance in Peterborough. Your quote can fluctuate depending on if you require high risk insurance, or you can have a lower quote if you practice safe driving or if you bundle your policy, for example. Go-telematics is also an option for great drivers as it tracks how you drive (speed, braking, cornering, etc.) to determine your rate.

Not sure where and how to start?

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