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Let’s get you back on the road again, rehabilitate your driver record, stay safe and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Who is the Bruised Insurance Recoverer?
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isure Insurance Guidance
  1. Shop Around - You Have Options

    The number one way for a Bruised Insurance Recoverer to save money is to shop around.

    isure is the only Ontario insurance broker representing all of the high-risk specialty auto insurers. You can easily compare rates and look for the most competitive option. Even though your premium is higher-than-average, high-risk insurers must still compete with each other for your business and we make sure they do.

  2. Improve Your Driver Record, and Keep Track of It

    You can become a safe driver and pay lower premiums again, if you change your driving behavior your risk profile improves. It takes 3 years for most tickets to come off your record. It takes longer for accidents to fall off your record, but with the right professional insurance advice and right plan you could see savings each year as you record improves. Stay on top of your rates, monitor your driving, along with a little patience and you will see savings in your car insurance premiums.

  3. All Tickets Count!

    When trying to fix your driving record, remember that all tickets count regardless of demerit points. If you are charged by police, and pay any fine, it counts towards your car insurance record (that doesn’t include parking tickets…they will not affect your insurance rates). Best advice for lower insurance premiums is to avoid all tickets.

  4. Stay Accident and Distraction Free, Particularly if you are Young

    The odds are stark – an 18 year old is 3X as likely to get into an accident as a 48 year old. Driver distraction is found to be the cause of 65% of crashes and 80% of collisions. Avoid these common driving distractions that lead to crashes:

    • Text messaging (or texting) on a cell phone – 23 times more likely
    • Talking on a cell phone – 4 to 5 times more likely
    • Reading – 3 times more likely
    • Applying makeup – 3 times more likely
    • Reaching for a moving object – 9 times more likely
    • Dialing on a hand-held device – 3 times more likely
    • Talking or listening on a hand-held device – 1.3 times more likely

  5. Stay Licensed and Insured

    Whatever you do, always drive with a license and stay insured. It’s not worth the risk of being personally exposed to millions of dollars of risk. Sadly, unlicensed drivers cause 5X as many fatal accidents as licensed ones.

  6. Stay Claims Free

    Sometimes it’s more cost-effective for you to pay to have the vehicle fixed than file a minor claim that may affect your insurance rates.

  7. Raising Your Deductible

    The simplest thing you can do to save money is to raise your auto insurance deductible. A higher deductible means you will pay more out of pocket on an accident or vandalism claim. Higher deductibles will only cost you if you put yourself in unsafe situations, so as long as you drive safely they will save you money every month.

  8. Find a Guilt-Free Insurance Experience

    You already feel bad, you don’t need to feel worse. At isure, we are not here to judge you. We’ll keep the information you provide us confidential and you can be confident that we’ll do the best anyone can to secure your Bruised Insurance Recovery auto coverage. Our online insurance quoting process can allow you to assess quotes and policies virtually, without the need for face-to-face meeting.

  9. The Last Resort – Facility

    The government and insurers realizes that for some people, having a car is essential. In the rare case we can’t find you an insurer, an organization called Facility Association will make insurance available to the “highest risk” drivers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get insurance. Unfortunately, this is at very high premiums and best to be avoided.